In the name of God (Allah), the most Merciful, the most Gracious

For the first 40 years of my life I lived in the United States of America. According to my mother, so many noteworthy things have happened to me that my story should be told. In her own words, she challenged me to chronicle the experiences that comprise my life. She said, “Somebody is going to tell your story… so it might as well be you!” So here I am, trying to fulfill my promise to my mother after she passed away.


For the last 25 years of my life, I have lived in the Middle East, in the United Arab Emirates. Starting over at age 40 has been a trip—a real trip. In these past 25 years I have been blessed to travel to nearly 20 countries in Africa and have taken many trips to India and Bangladesh on humanitarian missions.


The completion of this book was greatly delayed by a life-threatening illness… kidney failure. However, God truly does work in mysterious ways. In August 2009, I received a kidney transplant from a live donor… my wife, Hameeda Noor Mohamed. Two months before my doctor gave me the dreadful news of end-stage renal failure, Hameeda had a dream. She saw herself taking light from her body and putting light into my body. When she woke up she said, "Don't worry, if you need a transplant, I will give you one of my kidneys." The rest is history!


I invite you to join me on this journey through my life that has taken me to many places in the world, while not allowing me to forget where I came from. Buckle your seatbelt, and get ready to roll.

Dr. Bilal Abdul-Alim is currently working for His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah as a consultant for external charity projects in Africa and the Indian sub-continent. He has worked in this capacity since February, 1998 based in the Sharjah Ruler’s Office, assigned to Sharjah Awqaf General Trust, the private charity of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan. He has traveled to more than 20 countries in Africa and the India sub-continent to establish a wide-range of projects including hospitals, clinics, schools, low-cost housing for flood victims, orphanages, universities, water wells, and masjids. Prior to his post in the Sharjah Ruler’s Office, Dr. Abdul-Alim worked for His Highness from 1992-1997, to help establish Sharjah Charity International, where he served as both Medical Consultant and Chairman of the Africa Committee. He led the first team from the Middle East on the ground in both the war in Somalia in February, 1993 and Rwanda/Zaire in 1995. In Somalia, while working with both the UAE Army and the Pakistani Army, Dr. Bilal’s team treated more than 1,000 women and children per day in Mogadishu during the height of the war in 1993.During the Rwandan War from 1995-1997, more than 700 people accepted Islam from the Rwandan project in just a 2 year period.


Prior to moving to the U.A.E. in 1992, Dr. Abdul-Alim worked in Texas as both an emergency room physician and medical director of several clinics. Fresh out of training in 1978, he ran the largest black out-patient clinic in Houston for Dr. James Watson, the first black and minority to hold the post of City of Houston Health Director. He served in the US Public Health Service in Ft. Worth, Texas from 1981-1985, establishing the Abdul-Alim Medical Clinic. His last position in America was from 1986-1991, serving as medical director of the Houston Personal Injury Clinic.


With a background in music and entertainment, Dr. Abdul-Alim was honored to host and present programs on Sharjah TV from 1993-2012. In addition to being a regular guest on “Discover Islam”, hosted by the late Uthman Barry, he hosted “Profile” in the 1990s and “Medicine and Islam” from 2001-2012. The show featured advancements in Western Medicine as well as Islamic and Alternative Medicine such as Islamic Cupping (Hijamah) and the benefits of the black seed. He recorded nearly 600 episodes. Other TV work included Ramadan programs for Ajman TV in 1997, Ramadan programs for Al Majd TV in 2002, and the well-known “Today in History” documentary on Channel 33 in Dubai in 2003.


Since embracing Islam 41 years ago in 1975, Dr. Bilal Abdul-Alim has been involved in a variety of dawah programs. In addition to most of his immediate family members accepting Islam, nearly 200 others have taken shahada at his hands…Alhamdulillah.




He taught Islamic Medical Ethics at the Zayed House in Al Ain, from 2007-2008 for the Imam Training Program and the Ladies Training Program, sponsored by HH Sheikh Md bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.


Dr. Bilal comes from a family of a plethora of accomplished professionals, including 6 medical practitioners, 2 attorneys, and numerous educators. His father, the late Dr. Julius A. Phillips, Sr., was founder of the only hospital in North Louisiana to treat blacks during the segregated days of ‘Jim Crow’ in the 1940s and 1950s. The first integrated school in the area, J. A. Phillips Middle School, was named after him and still operates until now. His mother, the late Mrs. Oda Ellen Phillips, was one of the first blacks to receive a Masters in Education from Columbia University in New York City in the mid 1950s. Dr. Bilal also studied organic chemistry at Columbia University in the summer of 1971.


In addition to his medical degree in 1977, he also obtained a B.A. in Music in 1973, specializing in Jazz Trumpet Performance. Along with Jawad Abdul-Jabbar, he founded “The Medicine Men” Islamic nasheed group in 1987. They sing all the tracks and do not use any musical instruments. Saudi TV, Channel 2, has been using their songs for their dawah programs since 1995 under the supervision of Huzaifah Abdur-Rahim. Their CD, “Only Allah” was released in 2006.


The video for “A Gift of Allah” can be viewed at the following link:



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Dr.Bilal receiving his medical degree in June 1977 from Baylor College of Medicine from President Dr. Michael E. Debakey, renowned heart surgeon.




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The man who had a dream

By Melanie Swan, The National 

December 17, 2010

SHARJAH // Bilal Abdul Alim has had a colourful journey from growing up in racially divided Texas, converting to Islam and becoming a doctor and TV host in Sharjah.

Born Julius Phillips Jr in 1951, his father a doctor and mother a teacher, he grew up in the racial segregation of the 1950s, waking up to see burning crosses on the lawn set by Ku Klux Klan racists.

Church was a big part of life for the young Julius. His father, a civil-rights activist long before the days of Martin Luther King, was a part-time preacher and founder of the only black hospital serving north Louisiana, the JA Phillips Hospital. He took his young son to church every Sunday. It was only after his father's death that Julius began to question his links to the church.

His first year in college studying chemistry was at the height of the Vietnam war. "I was thrown into this big movement," he says. "Everything was political. There was the rise of the Black Panthers. The focus was political not educational and for a while it made me lose my taste for college and being a doctor."

Before his conversion, he was in a jazz band called Selflessness with a Muslim called Daoud Haroun.

"Sometimes on a cold snowy night we'd sit around and drink camomile tea and look at pictures of Mecca," he says.

"The Muslims I was meeting by this point were more together than the people I'd been hanging out with before in the black power movement."

In his senior year at medical school, he took a class in comparative religion. "From that class, it became clear to me that Islam was the path for me, but I wasn't ready yet."

He says the final push came to him in a dream.

"In my dream, I was told that if I didn't convert, Allah would destroy me. I woke up shaking. The next morning around 6.30am, the phone rang. It was my old roommate from college asking me if I was ready for Islam. He said he'd had a dream too.

"A week later I was driving to Washington DC to be with my best friend and embrace Islam at the Islamic Centre. From that point on, dreams started to guide my life." Soon after, he became Bilal Abdul Alim.

After regular visits to the Muslim world for 10 years to learn more about the faith, in 1991 he decided it was time to leave the US, where he had been practising medicine since graduating from medical school.

Years before, on a spiritual study trip to India, he ran into an acquaintance called Salem, whom he had first met in America when they were students.

Little did he realise that Salem was a member of the ruling family of Sharjah. Only after 12 years, when Dr Alim visited the UAE before starting a job he had been offered in Saudi Arabia, did he find out.

That was 18 years ago and he never left after being offered a job with the Ruler of Sharjah, Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi. He was hired to run Sharjah Charity International as a doctor and medical adviser and then to run the Sheikh's personal charity, Sharjah Awqaf General Trust, a job that took him all over the world. At one point, in war-torn Mogadishu, he and his team were treating 1,000 patients a day.

He brought his wife Khadijah and their children here, but Khadijah died after contracting the autoimmune disease lupus. As she was dying, she told him to find another wife to care for him and the couple's three children, who are now grown up.

He has since married two more wives, Hameeda, 37, in 1992 and Mariam, 59, in 1996, and both live with him in the family home in Sharjah with his three youngest children.

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